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Our Teacher


Danielle Law

Dance Background


My dancing journey began when I was 2 and a half years old and I have participated in regular dancing competitions and shows throughout my dancing career. I have travelled around the world to showcase highland dancing. In the past few years I have travelled to; Japan, Oman, Germany, Paris, Australia and New Zealand. I have been a member of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dance Team for 6 years. In May, I was selected to dance for Her Majesty's 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle. My favourite aspect of Highland Dance is choreographing routines to unique music. I feel that dancing should be portrayed in various ways. I think that both display work and competition work are both crucial to a dancers life, which is why I enjoy doing both and helping others achieve their goals.

Aside from highland dancing, I am also a trained Ballet and Jazz dancer. I am also a qualified Contemporary Teacher. I began my Ballet journey when I was 11 Years Old after quitting competitive swimming. I love putting together Contemporary routines to Modern Music - playing around with both Contemporary and Ballet technique. I would say that the emotional side of me appears when choreographing and performing Contemporary Dance as it allows me to express myself whilst portraying the mood of the song and reflecting that in my dance.


Highland Fitness was a class I originally started to help support my cross-training with competitive Highland Dance. This has become a huge success and I now hold a specific class for Adults and Competitive Highland Dancers. I have broken down Highland technique and mixed it up with some fitness moves to modern up-beat music and of course traditional bagpipes. This class works wonders for stamina & strength building, flexibility and upper-body.


Music Background


In addition to my dancing background, I also have a great passion for Music. I have a BA Hons Music Degree and have performed frequently whilst studying at charity events, vocal competitions and open performances. I am a little bit of a Music Theory geek - so anything I can do to help anyone with Scales, Reading Music, Understanding Concepts Etc is right up my street. I do include Music Theory in my lessons.  

I hope to inspire others to do well in the Arts. To achieve the goals that they set themselves and to be happy in what they do. 

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